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U8-10 MOD Training Program

The bread and butter of IAS.  IAS specializes in curriculum training of the MOD(modified) agegroups - U8-10.  IAS trainers work with multiple teams and focus on player and coach development.   IAS clinicians implement this curriculum by providing a customized method of example coaching, session instruction and coach support/feedback.  Each session involves individual technical development  paired with competitive games that foster players to be technically competent, tactically aware and on the path to be autonomous in their learning and thought.  

IAS has worked closely with EYSA development committee to develop the EYSA Dev Curriculum.   The same training program is being implemented by IAS clinicians for Issaquah FC, Lake Hills SC, Mercer Island FC and Newport YSC, and has has been adopted and expanded by Sounders FC, entering into our 2nd year of the partnership.  Topics are focused around individual ball comfort and mastery, passing, receiving, speed of play and spacial awareness in a possession-oriented style of play.


Microsoccer is an eight-week program for U6 and U7 players to get a fun and exciting introduction to soccer.  Players, parents, coaches, siblings and a few furry friends come out for one hour each Saturday and participate in an action-packed program on teams. Players maximize touches with many age-appropriate games each session.  IAS values experimentation and imagination in order to educate and develop the skills and the love of the game at this age.  Each day consists of:

  • 10-15 minutes learning and executing skills and playing a camp-style game provided by IAS trainers, while volunteer coaches work with another IAS trainer and walk through the session plan, discuss skills in coaching.
  • 15-20 minutes of volunteer-coach-run games.  Allowing players to experiment and use their imagination, volunteer coaches have learned games like stuck in the mud,  clean the yard, bowling, slime and many more.  Instead of thinking about executing an inside cut, players will naturally execute the inside cut when provided an activity that brings out the move in the game, such as getting away from the slime monster!
  • 25-30 minutes of scrimmages against other teams in the same age group and gender.  Each agegroup and gender have their own timeslots, so players are guaranteed appropriate level of competition and training.

This is a great  program to get young players excited about soccer and teach them basics of ball mastery and kicking.  IAS trainers are accompanied by high school soccer players to help coaches and players with drills, games, and skills.  Come check out the fun With Mercer Island FC at Homestead field and with Newport YSC at Newport High School(baseball outfield).  The 2017 program starts September 9th!

EYSA Spring Academy



Starting just on Mercer Island over 8 years ago, the EYSA Spring Academy is one of the biggest programs IAS provides to the community.  EYSA provides a spring training option for rec and select players aged U6-U14.  IAS is the staffing, curriculum and management partner for this six-week program, which in 2017 had over 300 participants spanning across Mercer Island, Bellevue and Issaquah sites, providing nine total sessions per week!  

Players focus on individual player development and commit fully to learning different moves and skills, perfecting dribbling, turning, passing and trapping technique, and learning basic to intermediate level tactics of off-ball movement, combination play and width and depth.

  • Bellevue
  • Issaquah
  • Mercer Island

That's not all!

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International Academy of Soccer Partner Clubs


EYSA is the parent association that oversees Eastside FC, Bellevue United FC, Issaquah FC, Lake Hills SC, Mercer Island FC and Newport YSC.   EYSA and IAS have a partnership to provide the EYSA Spring Academy, which works with over 300 kids throughout 3 sites in Bellevue, Issaquah and Mercer Island.  

Mercer Island FC

IAS started on Mercer Island, with MIFC.  After 15 years, the MIFC-IAS relationship is stronger than ever.  IAS provides services to 7 different programs for MIFC, including MOD(U8/9) training, Micro(U6/7) program, Sunday Skills, TD Academy, Tryout facilitating and more.

Lake Hills SC

Lake Hills and IAS have been running the MOD program together for 5 years.   Many players have come through the MOD system and gone on to play Eastside FC, Lake Hills Select and other clubs.

Newport Youth Soccer Club

Newport YSC and IAS have a close relationship, providing the MOD program to U8 and U9 players, Microsoccer for U6 and U7(new this year!) and finally team coaches for many of Newport FC select teams.

Issaquah FC

Issaquah FC and IAS are three years into a healthy partnership, providing MOD training for U8-10 as well as working with many rec and select players in the EYSA Spring Academy

Boys and Girls Clubs

IAS runs a number of programs in partnership with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Mercer Island and Bellevue.  Our most popular program is a 6-week futsal program in November and December.  IAS also runs summer programs with both clubs and run the spring U6/7 training for Mercer Island.